Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bad Credit Small Business Loan: Your Business Savior

Small business loan are a great financial help for small business owners. Without monetary support, a business, whether it is big or small, can not be run smoothly. With a small business loan, financing in small business is always possible. Can a borrower with bad credit score apply for a small business loan? Yes, they can. With the availability of a bad credit small business loan, a bad credit borrower can also finance in his small enterprise.

In the loan market, a bad credit small business loan is available both in secured and unsecured form. The secured option claims a security against the lending amount. Borrowers can use any sort of valuable object as a security. It could be commercial or personal. Oppositely, the unsecured option comes without any such requirement. This option is appropriate for those entrepreneurs who are not interested in pledging their property against any loan.

A bad credit small business loan can be availed by all sorts of bad credit businessmen. Whether you have CCJ, IVA, arrear, default, bankruptcy or late payment problem, it won’t hinder you in availing a bad credit small business loan.

A small business owner can fulfill various purposes with a bad credit small business loan. With this loan, they can start a new business, they can expand their present business, they can purchase some necessary equipment, they can buy a new office premises, and they can repair their present office. Even more, they can use a bad credit small business loan as business capital as well.

The interest rate of bad credit small business loan is a bit higher, as it is offered to bad credit borrowers. But there are some ways to make the interest rate pocket-soothing. Incase a businessman opts for the secured option, he can avail the loan at an affordable interest rate, as in this option, loan amount is secured on borrowers’ property. In addition, using a high valuable property can provide borrowers some extra edge in lowering down the interest rate. The unsecured option can also be availed at a better interest rate and for that you need to make some research.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fulfil your Dream of Establishing a Business with a Startup Loan

Now fulfilling the dream of establishing own business is no longer difficult. With an easy availability of loan for business, one can easily establish his own business or renovate his existing business.

Most of the people in India posses a dream to establish his own business. But everyone are not able to afford the expenditure of purchasing or rent land, building the office set-up and the other prior costs of business. But Indian banks are always ready to help those people by providing them loan for business. These kind of loans are providing not only for establishing a new business but also renovate one's existing business.

Among all type of loans available in India business loans stays in a high demand among people in India. The self-employed professionals like the Chattered Accountants, Doctors, Architects, lawyers are also able to take the advantage of these kind of loans. The business loans are broadly classified into two types, secured and unsecured.

Under the secured scheme the borrowers need to keep security to the lender. This type of loan is being provided against a very affordable interest rate and the borrower gets a big amount with a higher repayment period. On the other hand, under the unsecured kind of business loans, the borrower gets the loan amount without keeping any security to the lender. For the insecurity of get back the loan amount, the loan is being given with a higher interest rate. The repayment options are also short in this loan. From the perspective of loan provider, it is classified into two types. These are trade loans and the professional loans.

The trade loans are provided to the business persons and the traders for establishing or expand their business. Under this category one can avail the minimum amount of Rs. 25000 and the maximum amount can be Rs. 100 lakhs. The borrower will get business loan under this category with a very affordable interest rate and flexible repayment options. On the other hand, the professional loans are only provided to the self-employed professionals. The amount of the loan is depends on the repayment capacity of the borrower, financial position of the applicant, tenure of the loan etc. Indian banks provide a sum of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 25 lakhs under this type of loan.

Business loans can be used to meet the operating expenses. New business owners also avail these loans for rolling their start-up capital or to build good credit standing. Apart from the types discusses above the business loans are also classified into some other types, these are :-

# Short-term loans, which are taken for fulfilling temporary needs of money. Business persons take these loans to protect various short-term problems which usually a business encounters. Banks gives these loans on the terms of repay it within one year. This kind of loan is very useful for the requirements of additional inventory finance and a high volume of accounts receivable. These loans help people to secure cash from market to start a new business or just to boost up the existing one. The short-term loan also can be of secured and unsecured types

# Long-term loans are taken to increase fixed assets of a business. These type of loans are also be given to start-up a new businesses. Under this category of loan the repayment period provided is from three years to five years

# Intermediate loans are one of the top preference of the entrepreneur to start their new business. Banks offer this loan for various business related activity such as to buy equipment, build inventory, increase working capital etc.

# Apart from all these loans there are Government small business loans. Except the government organisations, these kind of loans are also taken through some financial institutions
Finally, from the above discussion one thing is very clear that getting business loan in India is not a big factor. If one cherish a dream of establishing his own business, the best way to fulfil the requirement of the capital is by going for a business loan.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Dallas Unsecured Bad Credit Business Loans

Are you looking for Dallas unsecured bad credit business loans to help you start up and get your small business running easily in Dallas by getting the capital you need? Then this article is going to help you find out some helpful tips and ideas how you can get your loan approved no matter how bad your credit may be.

So is it really possible to get a business loan if you have less than great credit? Because you know how lenders always go straight to checking your credit history and if less than shining, most of them won't accept your loan request.

The good news is, there are some special lender who actually specialize in offering loan to people with poor credit.

Yes, that's right. Their special expertise is to help people like you be able to get the money you need to start your own business and grow it. So they understand your situation and your needs perfectly well.

The key is, you want to find the best lenders who offers business loans for bad credit in Dallas. Because Dallas has some different laws comparing to other cities and states when it comes to business start up and business loans. So it is best to find a good lender in Dallas to get your loan from.

Also it is important to first choose the exact type of loan you want. Here are some of the most common ones...

* Small business start up loans
* Government small business loans (most affordable)
* Business loans for women
* Unsecured business loans
* And so on.

After that, you can more easily locate your best options when it comes to lenders in Dallas.

Would you like to discover more helpful FREE tips and secrets on how to get your bad credit business loan easily and fast?


Monday, July 7, 2008

Unsecured Business Loans

Do you want to start your own business, but just holding back because of the financial constraints? Or, do you need to pour some fresh investment in your business? Don’t worry, because starting and running a business was never as easier. With unsecured business loans you get the right initiative, your business requires. Adequate finance and the ease to pay the loan back may fulfill the dream you have been savoring for long.

Grinding into the details of these loans

As the name itself is self explanatory, unsecured business loans intend to finance you for your business. Whatever ends you may be pushing your finances through to start a new business or finance your already running business, unsecured business loans can afford for that. Either to buy the machines, to register your business or for the construction of the plant, these loans help you to afford all these.

These loans are unsecured types of loans and hence you don’t need to mortgage collateral against it.


Interest rates may end up being the deciding factor for you opting for the loan or not. With unsecured business loans, you have the ball in your court. You do not have to mortgage any collateral against unsecured business loans and hence you are free from the tension of repossession of your property. But, because of the risk involved at the moneylender’s end, these loans come at high interest rates which normally are around 7% to 12%.

With new business loans you may be credited anything from $15,000 to $ 250,000, depending on the evaluation the collateral you are mortgaging.

Searching these loans

Unsecured business loans are provided by many banks, financial institution or lending organizations. The best thing is that, you can easily search for these loans online and even apply for these. However you must thoroughly search the data available and seek for every detail for the terms and conditions.
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Monday, June 30, 2008

Project Helps Indonesian Women Succeed in Business

BOGOR, INDONESIA th An international agriculture project has been instrumental in improving the income and quality of life for many Indonesian women involved in agriculture-based business enterprises, said project participants and beneficiaries.

An international agriculture project has been instrumental in improving the income and quality of life for many Indonesian women involved in agriculture-based business enterprises, said project participants and beneficiaries.

The Southeast Asian Food and Agriculture Science and Technology project, also known as SEAFAST, has been assisting Indonesians with small- and medium-size food-based business enterprises since 2005, said Steven Gregory of Texas A&M’s Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture.

“Through our part of this project, we are helping smaller food-based businesses throughout Indonesia improve food safety, increase their income and enhance their business process and productivity,” said Gregory, who is chief of party for the project. “The majority of those we serve through our program are women, including members of women’s business cooperatives.”

The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and implemented through the Institut Pertanian Bogor and the Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture of the Texas A&M System.

While the project’s SEAFAST Center focuses mainly on food science research and technology, working with larger agriculture-based businesses and organizations, Gregory and his staff work at a grass-roots level with smaller operations.

“We primarily help small and medium-size business enterprises throughout Indonesia by providing free on-site education and training that applies to their business, along with offering low-interest micro-credit loans,” Gregory said.

Of the more than 100 enterprises currently receiving loans through the project, more than 80 percent of the recipients have been women, said Khres Senduk, who manages the project’s MicroCredit Plus program.

“Women are very responsible borrowers and almost always pay their loans back on time or even ahead of time,” Senduk said. “They don’t like to have any debt.”

The loans are typically used to purchase new or better equipment, he said.

The program also provides training and educational outreach on topics such as food safety and processing, product development, packaging and marketing. Of the more than 700 people receiving training to date, more than 70 percent have been women, according to SEAFAST data.

“Women are very interested in the training and in getting groups together to learn more about food safety and processing,” said Arief Tasrig Nur Gomo, a project trainer and food scientist. “They’re good students and are eager to find ways to improve their businesses.”

“The benefits after the training are obvious,” said Dr. Moon Cahyani of the Deputy Ministry of the Women’s Empowering and Children’s Welfare office. “In the new SMEs, the impact can be seen in the change of attitude, mindset and point of view regarding how to process food and beverages.”

Moon said SEAFAST has been very helpful to women-owned small and medium-size enterprises in Indonesia. “Some of these women are widows and the only source of income for their families,” she said. “Others are trying to provide additional income so their family can have a better life.”

Sudarti Subagiya, who runs her own food-based business in Yogyakarta and serves as head of the Amanah Women’s Cooperative, is one of the project beneficiaries. Sudarti and her 14 employees produce homemade snack foods, including traditional crackers, banana chips and other foods made from local edible plants.

In December 2006, Sudarti and the cooperative received a one-year micro-credit loan from SEAFAST, using the money to buy new cooking tools and new food processing and packaging equipment. The program provided Sudarti and members of her cooperative with free training.

“The packaging of our products became better, and we were able to increase the shelf life of our products by three times,” she said. “The loan helped us equip our plant and make our work easier.”

Sudarti noted that she, her staff and other members of her cooperative also learned much about food safety, hygiene and food-processing efficiency thanks to the technical assistance and training they received.

In large part due to project efforts, the Amanah Womens’s Cooperative was able to grow from 14 members to more than 40 in less than two years, Gregory added.

“We’re proud that the SEAFAST program has been able to assist Ibu ( Mrs. ) Sudarti and many other women like her in Indonesia,” he said. “Women are motivated and responsible entrepreneurs, and we hope to help more of them as we continue this worthwhile project.”


Monday, June 23, 2008

Small Business Cash Advance

It is natural that small entrepreneurs face financial crises at many occasions and it is very important that they should come out from the financial problem as early as possible. If not so they will face with many severe problems threatening the very existence of their business. In this situation, the small business cash advance helps them to sort out the financial crisis within a very short time interval. Mostly the entrepreneurs require only the advance for a very short period; they would able to payback the amount within very small time gap. It can be an hour or 24 hours or may be two to three days. Or in some situations they require a long term cash loan to progress with their business. Now the question to be raised is very simple, who will provide the small business cash advance?

There can be various reasons for the small businessmen to avail the cash advances. The reasons can be purchase of some new equipment, starting a new business opportunity, payment of dues or the unexpected delay in funds from the general resources. In these types of situations it is necessary for the business partners to arrange reliable and low interest cash advances. It is necessary that your business should meet some criteria to avail a cash advance. This cash advance mostly works as a payday loan. Many entrepreneurs approach the payday loans when they fail to arrange funds from any other regular loan sources. Small business cash advance has already proved to be a handy tool in emergency?

Cash advances do not require any proof for employment or salary and the cash advance do not require any guarantee or collateral security as such. If your business accepts Master or Visa card, you are eligible to avail the cash advance. It works in a different way than usual loans. It is a cash advance which will be paid back with interest when you process the Visa or Master cards while sale. The sale amount will directly go to the lender. Lender require the receipt of your merchant account before releasing the advance, so that he can legally claim his amount as and when bank cards are processed.

There are many advantages for Cash advance. As already mentioned the greatest advantages are easy to get, takes very less processing time, no requirement of security other than merchant receipt and sales through Master or Visa card and most importantly it is just available with a mouse click. There is no worry of paying back manually as the advance is getting paid back automatically as and when sale happens.

Now a day, applying for small business cash advance is very simple. There are many lenders online. You can go to one of the site, they will request you to fill out some online, menu driven simple forms. They may ask personal details, business details and the details about your Master or Visa Card. Once if you finished the filling process, the sites will take sometime, may be few hours, to confirm the details what you provided. Once if they confirm satisfactorily, they will release immediately the cash advance.

In the present business arena, the cash advance has got its own place as a savior at the financial crises. Thanks internet online, the process is so simple and fast.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Number of Small Business Loans Increases

The number of small business loans under $1 million increased by 15 percent from June 2006 to June 2007, according to a report (pdf) released today.

A total of 8,633 institutions made 24.5 million loans valued at $685 billion. This compares to about 21 million loans valued at $634 billion the prior year.

The Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy also reported that loans with a value of $100,000 to $1 million increased by almost 32 percent.

The total dollar value of small business loans increased by about 8 percent, according to the study. Meanwhile, smaller loans under $100,000, which usually include business credit card loans, increased in total dollar value by 9.4 percent.

All of these figures show higher rates of growth than the period from 2005 to 2006.

The report, "Small Business and Micro Business Lending in the United States for Data Years 2006-2007," also covers savings banks and savings and loan institutions. It ranks lenders in each state and territory by their small business lending activities along with large national financial institutions. For a complete ranking of lenders, click here. Lenders are ranked on their overall small business lending, not by lending under SBA programs.

A complete ranking of banks in every state can be found here.

Separately, the SBA announced yesterday that its Patriot Express Pilot Loan initiative approved more than $150 million in loan guarantees to about 1,500 veterans and their spouses. The program was launched late last June.